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Kapila Neem Juice – 1 L

Kapiva’s Azadirachta indica Juice brings the natural goodness and healthful splendour of Azadirachta indica
Cures stomach upset, constipation and restores analytical balance within the abdomen
Fights acidity and epigastric pain
Fights viscus worms and keeps the systema alimentarium freed from harmful parasites
Cures tract infection
Stimulates liver to perform and secretion, creating the blood purification method additional economical
Skin disorders may be placed to rest through daily consumption
Acts as Associate in Nursing medicament and pain-relieving agent
Consuming thirty cubic centimetres of this juice with thirty cubic centimetres of water, doubly daily, will work wonders for your body

नीम के औषधीय गुण, फायदे और उपयोग