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start a blog for free and make money online 2020 tips

how to start a blog in India 2020?

Ever thought about starting a blog for free and make money Have you ever thought that not only to start that blog but to successfully build on time to make money online or generate passive income? Frankly, you are not alone. Millions of people try their hand at blogging, but never really earn enough from their efforts.

However, if you are starting a blog in India for the purposes of making money, and you are not really passionate about writing at first, then you are wasting your time to a great extent. The art of blogging is not just scientific or formulaic. Without a deep-seated passion for your craft, you will face disappointment and upset.
start a blog for free

Why? While it is relatively simple to start a blog, it is a monumental undertaking to generate any share of traffic and profit from your hard efforts. You need laser-focus and persistence to build an audience or reach mass saturation with your prose. It takes time and a long and drawn evening to burn the cosmic midnight oil.

So, what does it take to start a successful blog and actually make money online? I think it depends on what you believe to be successful and whether you consider making money. If millions of other potential bloggers get out there, you want to rake it, you'll have a long road ahead.

But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, and you can be consistent for years (and yes, I have said years), you can certainly generate substantial income online. In fact, your blog is probably one of the best centres of passive income generation, and if done properly, it can attract the right customers and customers, whether you're in any industry or niche.

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start a blog for free: step by step Guide

start a blog for free in India 2020 Okay, if I haven't forbidden you yet, and you're serious about launching the next Mashable or TechCrunch or whatever another blog you think might be wildly successful in your vision, here's the step- What to do step by step. The more you prepare and plan, the longer you are likely to succeed.

Pick a topic

Be clear on what you will write about. Define a topic or niche, and design all your content around those things. This will help you not only focus on your writing but also create digital products and services that compliment your content.

This allows you to entice customers with your highly informative posts, then entice them with a lead magnet before dropping them into your sales funnel (more on that shortly).

Choose a platform

While WordPress is by far the most popular platform for blogging, there are some out there that can be leveraged to micro-blogging platforms best free blogging platforms such as Tumblr, and even medium. However, if you are serious about your blogging efforts, you might want to go with a self-hosted WordPress installation on a custom domain.

When you can set up a blog on with a subdomain like, you'll get more traction with a self-hosted solution, and then use subdomains on popular blogging platforms for your content-marketing efforts. -The domain will be able to use.

Choose a domain name

Custom domain names are important if you are serious about making money from a blog, to begin with. Instead of relying on third-party-hosted subdomains, find a small but relevant keyword-rich (if possible) domain name that is descriptive of your intended topic, industry, or niche. Use BlueHost, HostGator, 1 & 1 Hosting or any other domain name provider to source your domain.

If you are concerned about things like SEO while choosing your domain name, then you should follow the following suggestions:

Use a known top-level domain (TLD) such as .com or .net
Keep domain short, not more than 15 characters or more
Do not try to buy a domain name with a hyphen, as they are more often associated with spammers
Avoid using self-hosted subdomains to rank or rank posts

web hosting company

Find a good web hosting company
There are loads of good hosting companies out there. If you are starting a WordPress, self-hosted blog, there are a near-endless amount of options. The important thing is to do your due diligence and choose the one suitable for your budget and ensure that the service-level and punctuality are guaranteed.

how to create a blog for free on google blogger?

in this video, you will learn step guide to create a blog for free on blogger/Blogspot. So if you want to create a blog with blogger follow step by step guide for set up your new blog and make money online.


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