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Best Hair Dryers in India 2020 Buying Guide and Tips

Hairdryers are important appliances for women and men who like to style their hair. With the appliance, you can dry your hair quickly as you step out of the shower. A good number of women use a hairdryer to achieve a sleek and straight look.

Best top hair dryer in India No matter what your styling needs, you will want to buy the best hair dryer on your hair. If you do not have enough time and prefer neatly decorated hair, then finding a reliable hairdryer is the best thing that you can ever do for your hair. But hair dryer brands in India offer products with different characteristics and specifications. There is always a wide range of hair dryers that you can choose based on the ingredients, weight wattage among other features that will make the hair dryer easy to use and convenient.

This article reviews some of the best drawers in India. You can learn more about their features and prices. To make sure that you only buy the best dryer in India, we would also suggest what to look for for the best dryer as well as the top hair dryer brands in India and best brand for hairdryer in India.

3 Best top hair dryer in India - Review

Like other products, you can always get a wide variety of options when looking for the best hairdryer. Many times, finding a product that meets your needs can be overwhelming. To make things simple, we have prepared a list of the 5 best hair dryers in India, in which you can consider investing.

Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

1. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

  • 1200W gentle drying for beautiful results
  • The concentrator concentrates the airflow for a polished, shiny look
  • Thermo Protect Temperature Setting
  • Cold air system for extra gentle drying
  • Foldable handle for easy portability
  • 3 Flexible pre-selected drying settings for different requirements
  • Compact design for easy handling and carrying
  • Installation of strong wind for efficient but gentle drying

The new Philips Essential Care hairdryer is cute, compact and powerful. 1200W power enables you to dry hair slowly and quickly. Flexible care settings are designed to meet various drying needs and provide additional care.
The Thermo protect temperature setting provides optimum drying temperature and provides additional protection from heating the hair.

3 pre-selected drying settings
3 Pre-selected heat and speed setting for cool, care or quick drying.

Cool Air Settings
A cool breeze setting allows you to dry hair

At a relatively low temperature to minimize damage, which is especially suitable for fine, dry and damaged hair. And it is a perfect setting for the hot summer season!

Foldable handle
This hairdryer benefits from a foldable handle. The result is a small, compact hair dryer that will easily pack in the smallest of places and you can carry almost anywhere.

↪This is a good hairdryer. Easy to use and lightweight. I usually use it in cold mode to avoid damage.
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2 Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer 
Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer
  • Gentle drying with 1200w directs airflow to specific sections, giving better control during slow styling
  • 3 temperature setting (hot, hot and cold)
  • Concentrator with a fixed nozzle
  • Dual protection against overheating
  • Honeycomb inlet is specially designed to prevent hair tangles.

Dry and style with Havells Compact Hair Dryer that comes with a powerful mover that keeps hair beautiful, healthy and prevents hair from getting damaged due to excessive heat. Light & Compact- The hair dryer features perfect ergonomics for better comfort and easier handling. Concentrator with the fixed nozzle in details with an image. Voltage: 220 - 240 V AC; Power cord: 1.6 m; Looping loop: yes; Foldable Handle: Yes.

1600 W Powerful Drying
1600 W for a gentle blow-dry, leaving you with smooth and shiny hair. It can be used completely for everyday styling. Powerful yet gentle airflow sets your hair right.

Beautifully styled hair
A perfect balance of drying and styling. The optimal level of airflow allows you to dry your hair quickly. This blow dryer is the easiest way to get flowing hair.

Keep your style
Cool air shot is a low-temperature airflow used to set the styling at the end of a drying session for long-lasting results. It is easy to style your hair and create a smooth finish.

Great for the price !! It is a bit warmer when you hold your hand close but try to blow it on your face or hair from a normal distance, you will feel that it is completely normal air, no heat at all, so on me Trust and go for it. The other thing is that many dryers have a lower speed on a cool shot, but have the same speed for all heat settings and are very powerful.

3 Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Turbo Dry Mode

    Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer
  • Cool shoot
  • 3 temperature settings
  • The compact design makes it easy to handle and carry.
  • Set nozzle
  • Subject to the terms and conditions mentioned on the product warranty card, the warranty will be valid for repair against any manufacturing defect for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase mentioned on the purchase invoice.
  • 1.8 m cord length; Nozzle / Concentrator: Nozzle; Cold Air Facility: No; Technology Used: Concentrator Technology; Power required (Voltage): 220 - 240 V
  • Health Mode (50 degrees Salis)
  • Choose cool air
  • 3 - Level Selection

Get a stylish look with this Panasonic hairdryer. Feel a perfect celebrity with this piece of equipment, as it helps you dress properly. With this set of hairdryers, your hair will be taken care of delicately and thus make you look like a diva style. The product not only gives your hair a soft and shiny finish but helps to provide perfect conditioning for shiny, curly hair, giving a precise styling and perfect touch-up. Make your every outing the best with this lightweight hairdryer near Panasonic. Comes with two speed and heat settings. Tangle-free 1.8 m cord. Turbo Function Hair Dryer. Consumes 1000 watts of power. Makes an easy hairstyle.

From the manufacturer
Panasonic EH-ND12
Get a stylish look with an ND11 hair dryer from Panasonic. The product gives your hair a soft and shiny finish and helps to provide the right conditioning for shiny, curly hair giving a precise styling and perfect touch-up. This will allow you to comfortably dry your locks even remotely. The compact design makes it easy to handle and carry. The turbo comes with a dry feature that emits powerful yet gentle air that will set your tension. 1000 Watt consumes electricity which gives a salon-like style for your hair.
 the compact and powerful range of hair dryers to suit the specific needs of every person. Get styling-like salons in the comfort of your home with our highly efficient hair dryer that offers you flexible settings and features that let you set the most complex hairstyles easily.

Attractive and efficient hairdryer
An elegant hair dryer that can set your groundwork for styling. Streamline your grooming routine to have good hair every day.

Adjustable nozzle
The nozzle can be set to focus airflow on only one section of hair. When your hair dries or straightens, thicken the airflow to the hair shaft. This helps to close the cuticle layer, leaving hair shiny and curly-free.

Cool air shot
This hair dryer has both hot and cool air functions. If your hair is only moist rather than wet, it is recommended to use a low heat setting to prevent over-drying. The cool air also makes your hair's moisture soft and smooth.

Turbo dry mode
The turbo dryer dries hair at a faster rate. It produces a high-speed uniform and gentle flow of air to style your hair completely without any time. The 1000 watt motor features in this dryer make it more powerful and efficient.

Three heat settings
Three many heat settings allow you to choose the right heat temperature and wind speed for your styling needs. Use any setting to match the texture, length or volume of your hair.

Comfortable grip
It is sleek and ergonomically designed. It provides a secure hold so that it does not get busy drying your hair. The drier is also lighter in weight making it convenient to use.

Long tangle-free umbilical cord
Don't worry or worry about pulling the strings when you use it. It has a 1.8-meter long cord which is tangle-free. Therefore, you can dry your hair easily.
Build: Quality is good, satisfactory. Made of plastic, but it looks like it will melt. Sliding switches have a good response when positioning shifts. The concentrator nozzle is detachable and may be slightly heated when used in the maximum heat setting. The length of the wire is 6 feet, quite sufficient. Weight is just average. Not foldable which may be harmful but not sufficient to be rejected.
Cool mode is very helpful in styling because the nozzle of the concealer is very accurate and better than the nozzle of Philips. It can be used very close to the hair without any hair loss.
Noise is low, the mellow sound of the motor moving will not disturb others and is not noticeable in other rooms.
Overall the dryer is good. However, being low speed is also a disadvantage and advantage in its own terms.

Best Hair Dryer Buying Guide and Tips

The best hair dryer should be light, easy to use, work quietly and dry hair quickly. If you gamble to your liking, you can buy a poor quality product, which will fill your hair with static. Here are some important features to look for in a hairdryer


The power of a hairdryer is calculated in watts. The drying time will depend on the wattage of the product. Choosing a hairdryer with more wattage will reduce styling time and will not leave the hair in extreme heat. Their hair dryers can also work well for different types of hair.

Best hairdryer

Used metal

We have already discussed different types of hair dryers above. These hair dryers are classified according to the type of metal. Metal heating coils generate uneven heat that can easily damage hair at high temperatures. When choosing a hairdryer, try to find one made of tourmaline, ceramic or titanium. These metals are also known to produce heat that reduces hair loss.

Weight and size

Styling hair can be a slow and tedious process. A heavy device will only add weight to these frustrations. If you want a handheld dryer, make sure you go for a lightweight model that is easy to use and store.

Technology used

Modern hair dryers are designed with the latest technology. They come with unique features that make it easy to style without damaging the hair. These hair dryers are also easier to handle than older models.

Heat control settings

Exposing your hair to high temperatures will damage it. When purchasing a hairdryer, check the heat control settings. You can then select these settings based on your hair needs.

Cool shot button

This button provides cool air as soon as the hair is dry. The job of cold air is to seal cuticles and boost shine.

Frequently asked questions about the hairdryer

When you think that a hairdryer is the best tool for you, there are many questions that need to be known. Here are the frequently asked questions on hair dryers.

Why should I use a hairdryer

The hairdryer keeps your hair hydrated, which helps to add volume to the hair. They also make it easier to style and manage hair.

Best hairdryer

Can I use hair dryer daily

Repeated use of a hairdryer can eliminate breakage, split, and lead to brittle hair. Therefore, you should avoid daily use of the machine.

Does hair dryer help hair grow?

However, it makes the hair healthy and easy to style.

What precautions should I take while using a hairdryer?

Avoid exposing hair to high temperature

Use hairdryer only when necessary

Make sure you buy a high-quality product

If possible, give a professional style hair to you

Can I get quality and affordable hairdryer?

Yes. With proper research, you can easily find a highly efficient brand at an affordable price.

The conclusion

Manufacturers in India provide various types of hair dryers. If you want to get soft and manageable hair, then finding products with a combination of different types of technology can be a good option. Such hair dryers work within a short period of time. No matter what your requirements are, make sure that you invest in the best product in the market to avoid future disappointment

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